Reserving Spaces

You can request rooms for your group or organization online or by calling (315) 682-6400. Read more about our meeting room use policy.  

Want coffee, snacks or technology?  Email Bill Loveland with questions and requests.  Coffee is $10 for 10 cups, baked goods are $1 – $1.50, and technology is free!

The Community Room accommodates up to 55 people:

There is an overhead projector with screen, whiteboard, and kitchenette.

The Conference Room accommodates up to 25 people:

There is a large conference table, media cart with TV, and small whiteboard.

The Story Time Room accommodates up to 75 people:

Easy-to-clean tile floor, chairs, few tables, and kitchenette.

Display Window

Manlius Library has a large display window near the front desk. Local nonprofits may reserve this space for up to one month.

Email Bill Loveland to make a request.

The window is 2′ 4″ in depth, 8′ 6″ wide, and 5′ 6″ tall.